A Note About Accessibility

Each lesson in Copy Confidential comes with an audio mp3 file and a printable PDF transcript. The bulk of the lessons will have just these two things. Occasionally there may be a notes section with additional notes in text and links to external sites.

However, there are parts of the course that include "over my shoulder" desktop walkthroughs and sample break-downs with commentary. We are in the process of captioning all of these walk-through videos, but they are a little more difficult to make accessible to students with visual impairments.

While these videos are helpful, they aren't completely necessary for your success in the course and your overall success as a writer. As I record them, I try to keep in mind not to use vague references and to read aloud as much as possible; however, I haven't mastered this yet. My hope and plan is to make future iterations of these walk-throughs even more accessible, so I appreciate your notes and alerts when something is unintelligible.

I'm grateful to the students who have reached out with questions and requests for accessibility. If there's something you feel would improve the accessibility of Copy Confidential, please reach out to [email protected] and share with us.